About the Student Forum

The Quadram Student Forum (QSF) is a student committee founded by students in 2013 with the aim to promote and improve the experience of all students at the Quadram Institute (QI).

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The primary aims of the QSF are to:

  • Provide QI students with a voice at the institute and across the Norwich Research Park
  • Facilitate integration of new and visiting students into the  student body
  • Help to increase the impact of QI locally, nationally and internationally

The core strategies are as follows:

  • Facilitating, improving and promoting relationships between QI students, their peers and the public with the aim to enhance and increase  the QI student body profile
  • Acting as a collective voice for the student body to represent the views and requirements of QI students to the Institute and the Norwich Research Park as a whole with the aim to bring about beneficial change


To achieve these goals, student representatives are elected yearly to the QSF Committee.