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The QSF Quarterly

January 2020

The Quadram Student Forum (QSF) Quarterly Newsletter aims to celebrate the achievements and events involving the array of dedicated students within the institute.
In this first edition of the QSF Quarterly, we hope to give a glimpse of student life within the Quadram Institute Biosciences.

Hello to the 2019 Student Cohort!

Welcome to the new 2019 cohort of students at Quadram Institute Biosciences (QIB). Excitingly, this is the first cohort in the new building (lucky…)! And with the sea of new students, we welcome new partnerships and collaborations, new ideas, and new contributions to the scientific community.

Massive congratulations to all the PhD students that submitted their thesis and have passed their viva! No doubt the new cohort will be handing in theirs before they realise it!

Amongst all our hard work, it is also important for the opportunity to reflect and appreciate our experiences with peers.
As is tradition, the new PhD students were welcomed into the institute with a classic social; bowling followed by dinner at Norwich hotspot, the Giggling Squid. Thank you to everyone who attended and we look forward to our next mingling opportunity!

…and hello to the new QSF team 2019-2020!

Along with the cohort of students comes the new committee for QSF. In October we welcomed Luke Acton (chair), Nancy Teng (vice chair), Barbora Němečková (training officer), Alp Aydin (events officer), Wouter van Bakel (treasurer) and Bushra Abu-Helil (engagement officer).

We hope to continue delivering social, networking and training opportunities to all students at QIB, as well as support any student needs.

We said goodbye to QSF 2018-19 with a handover meal at Haggle for some experienced words of wisdom. A massive thank-you to Hannah Pye (chair), Gemma Beasy (vice chair), Katherine Seton (training officer), Emad Shehata (events officer), Yemane Tedros (treasurer and secretary) and Anna Issacs (engagement officer) for their dedication to the committee and student body within QIB.

Thank you to all who participated in the QIB Student Welfare Survey, which was devised and circulated by the QSF as one of our initial actions.
We have also been representing the QIB students through attendance of Norwich Research Park ‘All Student Meetings’. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend.

QSF Christmas Party

An excellent turn out for the QSF Christmas Party.

Hosted at The Dog House, in the private Kennel bar, students enjoyed festive snacks, songs and a stealing Santa!

Student Events and Achievements


From Nathalie Juge’s group, Wouter van Bakel presented “Defining the molecular mechanisms underpinning host O-glycan recognition by gut bacteria” and Victor Laplanche presented “Deciphering the intimate relationship between mucin glycosylation and Ruminococcus gnavus gut bacteria” at the First SweetCrosstalk ITN meeting in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

International Conference Involvement

Congratulations to all the students who presented posters and provided talks on their work at international conferences;

Emad Shehata and Jenna Helleur from Paul Kroon’s group attending the EIT Food Pre-Incubation Bootcamp in San Francisco, California and the EIT Food Finale in Lisbon, Portugal.

Erika Coletto, Yemane Tedros and Dimitra Lamprinaki from Nathalie Juge’s presented posters and gave talks at the 30th Joint Glycobiology Meeting in Lille, France.

Ariadna Miquel Clopes from Simon Carding’s group was invited to speak at KEMRI-Wellcome Trust and the Kilifi Rotary Club whilst in Kenya.

Placement Participation

Students within the Norwich Research Park Doctoral Training Program (NRPDTP) have the opportunity to attend a placement to further develop our abilities and scientific applications.

Jacob Scadden from Arjan Narbad’s group and Ariadna Miquel Clopes from Simon Carding’s arranged a 3-month excursion to Pwani University in Kenya organising Good Research Practice and Health Communication Workshops, culminating in a Science Student Symposium where students presented their projects in a conference-style environment.

Public Engagement

Residential 3-day entrepreneurial workshop and competition, YES19, hosted by University of Nottingham.

Hannah Pye, Trey Koev, Jasmine Percival and Anna Isaacs developed a hypothetical, but plausible, scientific business idea which was pitched to a panel of industry judges.  The competition runs every year and registration of interest is currently being taken for YES20.

The Norwich Science Festival occurred in October over half-term.

The city-wide event involved multiple local institutes, including the Quadram Institute Biosciences. Many of the QIB students, eager to share their passion with the public, volunteered in exhibits for an assortment of individuals during the course of the week.

Women of the Future is a unique event designed to inspire the next generation of female STEMM professionals.

Current female students of QIB inspired young women from across Norfolk and Suffolk with their experiences as scientists. Sharing our passion, imparting our wisdom and supporting the next generation of STEMM professionals.

Student Seminars

Asking and answering questions following a seminar is an important scientific skill, as well as giving the presentation itself! Student Seminars organised by the QSF Training Officer provides the opportunity to practise talks and engage with your peers in an informal setting.

Thank you to everyone that presented;
October Hannah Pye from the Kingsley group presented a talk entitled “Evaluation of Stress Response in Salmonella”
December Jasmine Percival from the Kroon group presented about “Anthocyanin Metabolism”
Janurary Ebenezer Foster-Nyarko from the Pallen group gave a talk titled “Genomic diversity of Escherichia coli isolates from non-human primates in the Gambia, West Africa”

The next student seminar will be by final year PhD student and SciComms specialist, Sophie Prosolek, titled “Twitter for Scientists: Getting The Most Out Of Your Social Network”.
This will be an interactive session so bring along your mobiles and laptops!

In addition to the student seminars, we are grateful to all those who attended student lunches with Quadram guest speakers.
If you would like to request presenting at a Student Seminar, or have a guest speaker request, contact the QSF Training Officer, Barbora Němečková.

Student Publications

Leggett, R.M., Alcon-Giner, C., Heavens, D., Caim, S., Brook, T.C., Kujawska, M., Martin, S., Peel, N., Acford-Palmer, H., Hoyles, L. and Clarke, P., 2019. Rapid MinION profiling of preterm microbiota and antimicrobial-resistant pathogens. Nature Microbiology, pp.1-13. DOI:

Aboufarrag, H.T., Needs, P.W., Rimbach, G. and Kroon, P.A., 2019. The Effects of Anthocyanins and Their Microbial Metabolites on the Expression and Enzyme Activities of Paraoxonase 1, an Important Marker of HDL Function. Nutrients, 11(12), p.2872. DOI:

Lawson, M.A., O’Neill, I.J., Kujawska, M., Javvadi, S.G., Wijeyesekera, A., Flegg, Z., Chalklen, L. and Hall, L.J., 2019. Breast milk-derived human milk oligosaccharides promote Bifidobacterium interactions within a single ecosystem. The ISME journal, pp.1-14. DOI:

McKee, A.M., Hall, L.J. and Robinson, S.D., 2019. The microbiota, antibiotics and breast cancer. Future Medicines, 8(3). DOI:

Ravi, A., Halstead, F.D., Bamford, A., Casey, A., Thomson, N.M., Van Schaik, W., Snelson, C., Goulden, R., Foster-Nyarko, E., Savva, G.M. and Whitehouse, T., 2019. Loss of microbial diversity and pathogen domination of the gut microbiota in critically ill patients. Microbial genomics, 5(9). DOI:

Chambers, K.F., Day, P.E., Aboufarrag, H.T. and Kroon, P.A., 2019. Polyphenol Effects on Cholesterol Metabolism via Bile Acid Biosynthesis, CYP7A1: A Review. Nutrients, 11(11), p.2588. DOI:

Coode‐Bate, J., Sivapalan, T., Melchini, A., Saha, S., Needs, P.W., Dainty, J.R., Maicha, J.B., Beasy, G., Traka, M.H., Mills, R.D. and Ball, R.Y., 2019. Accumulation of Dietary S‐Methyl Cysteine Sulfoxide in Human Prostate Tissue. Molecular nutrition & food research, 63(20), p.1900461. DOI:

Livingstone, T.L., Beasy, G., Mills, R.D., Plumb, J., Needs, P.W., Mithen, R. and Traka, M.H., 2019. Plant Bioactives and the Prevention of Prostate Cancer: Evidence from Human Studies. Nutrients, 11(9), p.2245. DOI:

Coming Up in 2020…

Upcoming Away Day
Another social event will be organised before Spring. Available to all QIB students, this event will permit you to interact across the cohorts.

Knowledge Exchange Trip 2020
Every year, QIB students are presented with the prospect of exchanging their knowledge with other relevant institutes on a short residential trip.
Previous excursions have been to Munich, Wageningen, Dublin, Berlin and Parma.

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