The first ISF annual BBQ


Barney Shaw and Dan Lock discussing meat in the shadows of the UEA Ziggurat buildings

With the recent weather being unlike that majority of the British summer and the tan lines appearing from lunchtimes sat in the sunshine the IFR Student Forum decided it was time for a BBQ, hopefully starting the tradition of an annual summer celebration! So, with a spot at next to the UEA broad booked, a large ice box ready to cool whichever tipple took your fancy, and a tentative look skyward to check the dark clouds weren’t rolling in (luckily as you can see from the photos it was a beautiful evening!) we headed off in the direction of the university. By 6pm a great mix of IFR staff, post-docs and students both new and current were enjoying the sunshine and prodding the flames of the freshly lit BBQ.


After having our fill of the delights from the grill the games were begun. The rounders (or ‘pretty much baseball’ as the Canadians among us noted) match was going very successfully until Bruce took a tumble, the result of which was a pretty spectacular break of his collar bone and some scary looking x-rays. Fortunately he’s now on the mend and is already scheduling the re-match.

The lessons learned from the day? A BBQ with the IFR staff and students is great fun, and a brilliant way to relax after a hard week of PhDing…..but perhaps we’ll leave the rounders bat at home next time!